How diverse is your workforce?

If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourselves, let’s talk

Our culturally and linguistically diverse students will bring an entire cohort of brilliance to your workplace. Not only will you be working with some of the greatest young minds but you will be inspiring young people to take on professional roles that they may have otherwise not had access to.


All you need to do is sign up with us to provide a two-week work placement for high school students during their school holidays. We will find ambitious and capable students and all you need to do is say YES.


We have prepared a brief outline below of our process.


Like what you hear? Contact us on [email protected] and we will ring you right back with more details!


Our Process


We develop a list of available roles from our partners


We then match the right talent for each role


We provide guidance to employers and students to enhance experience


We stay involved beyond each placement