Building careers

from the ground up

Our vision is to create a world in which all refugees and migrants feel supported and be given opportunities to thrive in their new homes.


We want every single person to be empowered by their heritage – to bring their authentic selves to work everyday.


We provide a platform that connects secondary school students of refugee and immigrant backgrounds aged 15 and above to employers ranging from start-ups to larger and more established organisations in various industries.

What does the data say?

Currently 3,500-4,000 refugees enter Victoria every year with 50% being under 19 years of age, much higher than the 25% in the Victorian population.

Higher Unemployment

Recently-arrived migrants have a higher unemployment rate (9.2%) than those who have lived in Australia for some years (3.3%)

Lack of Work Experience

94% of migrants struggling to find work identified a lack of Australian work experience as the primary reason.

Higher Level of Poverty

Young refugees are more likely to live in poverty than Victorian children and young people overall – 50.1% compared to 14.3%

How we can help


Direct access to job placements with our range of partners


2 personal ninjas for each student

Interview Prep

Mock interviews with every student

Regular Feedback

We collate and share feedback with students and employers


Everything for students and employers to get started

Talent Pool

Employers gain early access to plug into young talent

Make a change

Students, employers, partners and neighbours – please get in touch to talk about how we can inspire, transform and empower our culturally and linguistically diverse youth of today!
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Working together, to create something unique.